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Overall a solid pick for Editors' Choice. Pros: Two-factor authentication. Active Directory integration. Application monitoring. Automated alerts. Easy-to-use admin interface. Google sign-in. Productivity tracking. Sensitive data redaction. User privacy features. Cons: Lacks OCR capability for keyword search within screenshots. No keystroke logging. Bottom Line: ActivTrak brings a nice price and an easy interface to the table, but it also offers great monitoring wrapped in a layer of analytics that make it less a watchful eye and more of a Google Analytics dashboard for your office.

A solid Editors' Choice pick that'll pleasantly surprise many business operators and employees. Pros: Easy to understand and use. Affordable compared with the competition. Robust monitoring functionality. Tons of settings for administrators. Cons: Cannot schedule future time.

Bare-bones user interface. Supports just 1 GB of storage space. Stopwatch doesn't show seconds. It's highly configurable and affordable and, although it had a few minor feature misses, it should still be a top contender for your short list. Pros: Wide selection of add-on modules and features. Custom dashboards. Keyword alerts.

File tracking. Chat app and social media monitoring. Keystroke logging. Powerful notification and report wizards. Extensive data sources. Audit logs. Mobile app. Cons: Compatibility issues and manual settings can make agent installation a hassle. Dated user interface.

Tracking Employees, Contractors, or Mobile Devices On A Map In Real Time

Data takes some time to sync. Still, this is a muscled monitoring tool that's well worth a look. Pros: Robust employee monitoring functionality. Ability to create invoices from within the app. Ample integrations with services like Asana. Cons: Outdated user interface UI. Stopwatch feature needs desktop application or Chrome extension to work.

Pros: Offers screenshot and keystroke monitoring. Easy to add time to time sheets prior to shifts. Easy to schedule shifts for employees. Cons: No advanced tracking. Stopwatch requires a second app on the desktop. No IP address restrictions. Very basic reporting. Pros: Audio and video recording. Automated policies and triggers. Full OCR on documents and screenshots.

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Good reporting and data visualizations. Keyword tracking. Remote desktop control. User vocabularies. Cons: On-premises server setup was maddeningly difficult. Requires virtual machine provisioning to access web dashboard. No cloud-based admin interface. Bottom Line: Once you get StaffCop Enterprise set up, it's among the most powerful employee monitoring software solutions available, packing a full range of data gathering, user tracking, and reporting tools.

If not for its on-premises setup process, it would rival Teramind as a best-in-class tool. Pros: Full control over data collection. Screen capture with playback. Customized alerts and reports. Automated behavior grouping, anomaly detection, and incident response. Productivity monitoring. Active Directory sync. Cons: All on-premises; currently no cloud-based option. Requires SQL. It's an easy-to-use tool for enterprise-grade organizational oversight but its lack of a cloud-based option is a major knock against it.

Pros: App and URL tracking. Blurred screenshots.

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Custom reports. Google and Outlook calendar integration. Mobile apps. Productivity metrics. Project and task management. Time tracking. Cons: No keyword tracking. No automated alerts. No document and file tracking. Limited reporting.

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The functionality and reporting is barebones compared to other tools, but it's a solid tool with plenty of customization ability. Pros: Activity monitoring. T sheets is premium app charging four dollars a month per user per month but has a desktop site that can be integrated. Harvest is one of the popular time tracking apps available on the market. Its main strong point is the ability to integrate future scheduling and expense tracking.

Using its sister app even allows you to make future employee schedules. For nine dollars a month, you can be able to track your own or employee activities and time taken for every project. Toggl is one of the most popular apps as it is very easy to use requiring you to literally click twice to measure the time spent on a project. It has extra features such as integration to project management apps and hundreds of web apps. Employee time tracking is important especially if you do it on the fly and nothing does it better than a dedicated employee tracking apps.

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Thanks for sharing this wonderfully researched article it helps a lot of people and organizations who are looking for the same. I want to add and suggest one more platform that provides employee location tracking and some other features like order management, task scheduling, custom forms, and my personal favorite selfie attendance.

Employee location tracking is the best way to improve fieldwork quality and work efficiency of employees. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Has it ever come to your mind that those drivers working for you may just use the vehicles you have placed under them to carry out their own business?

3. Labor Sync (iOS, Android)

Appmia installation will inform you the exact locality of any mobile phone device through the easy to use control panel. On top of this, this app will give you all the cell phone movement past. With this you will get to know if the vehicle has kept its route or not. Should your workers have your business vital information on their mobile devices?

What would happen should they lose their cell phone with the company data on them? The good news is that you have the ability to monitor and take control of all your business cell phones across the globe by making use of Appmia application. It enables you to take over any mobile phone you have targeted.

This basically means that you can erase off any information on such a cell phone or even switch it off! After acquiring the app all you need is to have it installed on the mobile phone that you want to track. This will take about three minutes. Get into your private account and start tracking all the happenings on the targeted mobile phone. Sign In. Sign Up. Appmia tracking software is the top most application read more. Available on Demo Buy now.

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